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Table View Preschool & Creche

Children are at the centre of what we do. We consider ourselves to be guardians of our little ones and facilitators of their development while they are in our care.  Our mission is to help children develop confidence in their own personalities while deepening their curiosity and understanding of the world around them. We see our school as an extension of the home and work to ensure that our parents receive regular feedback and are part of the journey. 


The Power of Play

Founded on a research based, international curriculum, our preschool and creche in Table View focuses on using various forms of guided and free play aimed at interactive learning while nurturing problem-solving abilities and independent thinking.

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Beautiful Spaces

Using different forms of sensory stimulation, our pre-school provides spacious, interactive and well-designed play spaces which offer indoor and outdoor environments aimed at facilitating various areas of mental, physical and personal growth.

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Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Through the development of emotional intelligence, we envisioned a pre-school and daycare environment that cultivates excellent character, self-awareness and well-developed social skills.

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