We use an evidence-based curriculum which encourages children to learn through their experiences with individual attention from their teachers to guide their development.


Daycare Table View

Infant-Toddler / Pre Preschool Programme

Ages: 6 months - 3 Years


  • Building trusting relationships

  • Implementing a caregiving routine

  • Providing sensory-motor stimulation

Infants and toddlers start learning from birth and continue at an exponential rate. Key to their learning is developing trusting relationships with adults who follow certain routines to ensure that children feel safe and loved.

Our daycare programme includes a daily routine with developmentally appropriate stimulation which allows children to discover the world around them using their body and senses.

This is done together with a dedicated teacher that they have learned to trust and depend on.

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Pre-School Table View

Preschool / Pre-primary Programme

Ages: 3 - 6 Years including Grade R


  • Learning through personal experiences

  • Individualised care and attention

  • Following daily routines

Pre-schoolers learn best by having fun. Our pre-school in Table View offers a well-developed programme aimed at encouraging children to learn through various forms of play.

They are placed in a loving, safe and stimulating environment with professional guidance in order to support individual growth.

From using their bodies to crawl, run and jump to understanding the world through their senses, they are guided through their experiences to help develop their view of the world and their unique personalities and interests.

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Aftercare Table View

Aftercare / After School Programme

Ages: 6 -13 Years


  • Outdoor play and physical activities

  • Providing a safe, interactive and stimulating learning environment

  • Offering guidance with homework and assignments

After a busy day at school children need a safe and stimulating space which they can use to explore and play freely or just take a break and spend time reading or studying in a peaceful environment.

At our aftercare center, we provide children with a nutritious meal, a much-needed space to rest, guidance with homework and the freedom to explore our indoor and outdoor play areas safely.