Our Team


Our team is dedicated, fun-loving and driven by a love for children. We have a focus on continuing professional development to ensure our children are supported in the best way possible.

Andy 02.jpg

Andy Bassingthwaighte


Andy taught in Hong Kong for many years and worked for an NGO attached to the Department of Education. Her favourite thing about being a teacher is letting her inner child come out and having fun with the children at their level. She believes strongly in teamwork and building on individuals’ unique strengths.

Celeste 02.jpg

Celeste Smith

Preschool Teacher

Celeste has over twenty years of experience working with children and is as dedicated as ever! She absolutely loves fantasy play and learning more about her children’s interesting little worlds and can often be found in the teepee in her classroom. She is driven by her moral compass and values time with her family.

Elizabeth 02.jpg

Elizabeth Wilskut-Sampaya

Toddler Teacher

Elizabeth has twenty years of experience working across urban and rural preschools. If you walk her into her classroom you will generally hear lively music and see her and her children showing their dance moves and having fun. She always has a smile on her face and is the joker of the crew! She believes it is important to treat everyone fairly.

Storm 02.jpg

Storm Fourie

Infant Teacher

Storm has years of experience and has run her own daycare. She is extremely pro-active and will always offer help before she is even asked. She absolutely loves spending her time with babies and her favourite element of teaching is seeing children move through their developmental milestones. She values honesty highly.

Tracy 2.jpeg

Tracy Mutoti

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Tracy has worked with children for almost 10 years in a variety of roles. She loves being a teacher as it allows her to celebrate regularly as little ones reach new milestones! Her favourite time of day is the singing and dancing that takes place in the morning. She believes strongly that love is the foundation of everything.

Unathi 02.jpg

Unathi Ndembu


Unathi loves to cook and makes her own baby purees from scratch! She keeps her kitchen spotless and asks the team to do the same! She is very positive and is always willing to help in any way that she can. She thinks it is important that everyone is treated with kindness.


Candice Scholtz

Office Manager

Candice has experience working in the NGO space, and is particularly committed to early childhood education. Her favourite thing about work is joining in and having fun with the kids when they dance and sing and capturing their special moments! She loves doing the same with her little boy. She values excellence as it demonstrates to others how much we value what we do. 


Zita Murray

Toddler Teacher

Zita spent almost 10 years teaching in Thailand and is happy to be back in South Africa with her friends and family! She loves spending time with the children individually and seeing their little personalities blossoming! She also feels like a rock star when she acts out and sings stories and rhymes. She values honesty as she believes it is the basis for strong relationships.


Sala Bwetu

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Sala has 10 years experience working in preschools, with her training background and the majority of her experience being in a Montessori setting. She loves story time and creating a warm environment for the little ones to be nurtured in and grow comfortably as individuals. She believes strongly in peace, as it allows things to work the way they should.