Why us?

We inspire learning through harnessing and encouraging each child’s natural curiosity and excitement about the world.

1. Inspiring little minds to build our future together

We place high value on preparing our children to thrive in today’s ever-changing environment and contribute positively to South African society. This means not only developing knowledge and skills, but strength of character and values. These 21st century values have been derived using evidence from across the globe to guide us, considering the South African context and are encouraged in all elements of our school environment.


2. Loving care and individual attention for your child

We appreciate that each child is unique and needs to be cared for in their special way so that they can confidently develop as individuals. Nurturing this self-confidence through love and acceptance is central to our belief system and results in children leaving our school feeling happy, independent and ready to take on the world!  

3. Discovering the world through guided play

Learning through play is core to a child’s overall development. Our daily routine uses a combination of guided and free play. This serves as a basis for each child to explore and build on their interests to drive their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development in line with what is developmentally appropriate for them, while their teachers provide them with the necessary guidance.


4. A learning environment backed by research

We are focused on providing the ultimate preschool experience for your child, using best practice to ensure that they are reaching their full potential, while having fun in a group. Our school is based on HighScope, a curriculum shaped and developed over forty years with strong evidence of success. Children construct learning through their experiences, with adults being engaged as partners for guidance in the learning process.

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5. Creating a safe and stimulating home away from home

There is nothing that we take more seriously than your child’s safety, security and well-being. From clean and safe school grounds, to strict access control policies and procedures, and the selection of a diverse group of highly competent teachers, you can feel comfortable knowing that your child is in good hands. With our warm and inclusive learning environment and state-of the art indoor and outdoor play areas, your child can feel free to explore.

6. Instilling healthy habits through a balanced routine 

We ensure that children are healthy and happy through providing an all-round experience while developing important healthy routines. Some of the ways in which we do this are through incorporating lots of musical and physical activity into the daily routine, providing healthy snacks, and developing class routines such as washing hands and brushing teeth.


7. Daily WhatsApp images of your little ones to put your mind at ease

As parents of little adventurers, we know that you have a lot on your plate – and so we work hard to ensure that your experience with us is professional, transparent and pleasant. You are supported as parents through our flexible packages, ease and efficiency of administrative processes and regular WhatsApp communication. We are always here to assist in any way that we can.