Why us?

We inspire learning through harnessing and encouraging each child’s natural curiosity and excitement about the world.

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence cultivates character

Our vision is to create a pre-school and daycare environment that cultivates good character through the development of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the backbone of social intelligence, both of which are vital skills which help us interact socially and in a positive way.

Through providing a fundamentally social environment, we aim to minimise the disconnect that comes from too much screen time, while helping our children experience the joys of human connection.

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The Power of Play

Imagination, not prefabrication. Facilitation, not direction

Guided by our international curriculum, we use various forms of guided and free play to invite our children to actively engage with their environment, their peers and the objects they see around them.

There fun, exploratory methods have been shown to nurture problem-solving abilities, independent thinkers and individuals who can interact socially in a constructive, thoughtful and confident manner.

We aim to facilitate rather than force the development of important areas of personal growth while recognising that each individual is unique in their ideas, perception, and pace.

In doing so, children are encouraged to be themselves and develop their own interests as well as a love of learning. 

Driven by Development

Individualised learning through guardianship

We are driven to deliver the highest level of early childhood education. We do this by using the Highscope approach, which underpinned James Heckman's Nobel prize-winning research into early childhood education effectiveness. 

This research shows that there is no single approach that applies to all children, and therefore focus is placed on supporting them as individuals.

The curriculum focuses on 8 core developmental areas, covering their emotional, social, physical and cognitive development,  helping to develop well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the soft and hard skills necessary to progress through later stages of education and beyond.


Beautiful Play Spaces

An environment with purpose

Based on extensive research, we have created and customised beautiful indoor and outdoor environments that facilitate learning.

Our indoor play space is where imagination is nurtured while our outdoor areas promote physical activity and connection to nature. This is done through various forms of controlled sensory stimulation as well as physical and mental challenges.

What sets our learning centre apart is the spaciousness that it provides both indoors and outdoors. In order to thrive in every way, children need space to move around safely, freely and without obstruction.

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Open and Transparent Communication

Bridging the gap between school and home

We believe that communication breeds trust and this is why we have made it the foundation of our preschool & creche.

By delivering personalised photographs to parents on a daily basis, we provide the sense of inclusion while offering much-needed peace of mind.

We understand that our parents are bound by the commitments of daily life and where possible, we provide support, guidance and informative literature, encouraging routine, structure and alignment between school and home.

A Positive Attitude

The only difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is our attitude towards it.

We greet each new day with enthusiasm and this attitude forms the basis of our interactions with each other as well as every child in our care.

Through kindness and compassion, we aim to create an uplifting environment where warm welcomes are normal and quality care is evident.

Together with our children and a positive attitude, we begin to turn our obstacles into meaningful opportunities.

More than a preschool or creche, this is where passion is tangible, love is visible and family always comes first.